A Ceilidh is a traditional Gaelic social event, often organised for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays. We will organise the band and dancing, which usually takes place over the course of an evening; we can schedule the entertainment to fit around your event, often breaking for a meal and continuing well into the night!

The Format of a Ceilidh

The main part of the Ceilidh consists of a number of traditional, fun Scottish dances, involving, hopefully, everyone at your party. The dances are a lot of fun and have everyone cheering by the end. The exact format of the evening can be flexible, and can include other musical items, either from the band, or from the floor, if desired. If you want to make your event unique and special a Ceilidh is a great way to do it.

Neil, the piper, usually works with a 3 piece band, often fiddle, keyboard, bagpipes and Scottish Smallpipes, but this can be expanded to suit the event. If this is combined with a highland dancing display, we can provide a great and varied evening’s entertainment.

Not Always as Complicated as it Looks!

A caller will always talk the guests through the dances, unless the group is so experienced that this is not required. The dances are always chosen to suit the guests, and would generally start with something easy, such as the Gay Gordons. Although there are some very complicated dances around, the aim is to make sure that everybody has a good time, so the dances are kept to a level to allow everybody to join in, no matter how inexperienced. Of course, if your event is for ceilidh dancing experts, they can be kept interested as well!

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